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Beatrice Huma

Welcome to my personal website! My name is Beatrice, even if I prefer being called Bea.
I’m a dreamer! Travel and Photography are the things I do most. I love Art, every typology of art, and I'm really curious and passioned in Archeology and Geology... and if we talk about passions I need to admit that Italian food and wine are in first position. I work as a tour guide and pass most of my time with people from all around the world.
This website is primary about Florence and Tuscany, plus travelling around Italy plays a huge role. Particularly I started this website to share what I love about Florence and Italy, while also sharing travel tips, self-itineraries, art, gastronomy and the stories of the people I meet during my experiences.

*please forgive me in advance for my occasionally grammar or spelling errors 🙂

English 85%
Art 90%
Photography 70%
Geology 50%
Archeology 65%
Gastronony and Wine 100%

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