Florence & Tuscany

This is a blog about Florence and Tuscany in general

Florence - Things to do

Florence is a city that offers different things to do: visiting museums, take a break in its parks, make shopping, enjoy good food and wine in restaurants and bars... Here you can find some tips and advices

Florence - Culture

Florence is a city where local festivities are very important! Locals are sociable and they love their traditions... food, annual events, secrets, language, florentine attitude and more in this section


Tuscany is a really popular destination. People from all over the world come here to visit Siena, Pisa, the Chianti region... In this section attractions and cities in Tuscany

Practical information

Trasportation, Accomodation, Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Shopping, Maps, Italian for travellers, are some of the information you'll find in this section

Why Should you choose me?

You should choose me because I love Florence ! I’m passionate of art and history, I know many secret stories about Florence and it’s historical characters, I like to love good Tuscan dishes and I know where to find them.. And because I’m a traveller and I know what a traveller wants: Experience, Good organization & Time to Relax 

  • Experience: I'm a Licensed Tour Guide in English, Italian and Romanian languages from 2015
  • Good Organization: I love perfection! I will organise with you a private tour that will cover all your requests
  • Relax: Your tour needs to be a mix between history and relax and I'll find the better combination to do that

Why "Best in Florence"?

Tuscany is my prefered regions in Italy, and Florence surely is my favourite city. I love its atmosphere, the perfumes of capuccino and cornetto for breakfast, the market’s chaos and people shouting at each other in dialect to speak, the wine, the colours, the art that you breathe in every corner…. 

  • Art History: is part of my high level knowledge
  • History & Archeology: are two of my passions, I read and study everytime I can about this two topics interest me a lot
  • Gastronomy: I love cooking and I love eating so I'll give you some tips about Italian Food and Wine